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Newsletter: September Blast

a Cena’s September Blast

a Cena is devoted to helping with emergency funds and the future rebuilding
of the most beautiful towns of Amatrice.

We are serving Bucatini alla Amatriciana–famous from Amatrice, Italy. Sugo or salsa all’amatriciana is a traditional Italian pasta sauce made with Sweetbriar Farms pancetta, San Marzano tomato, pecorino.

a Cena will donate 50% of the Bucatini sales to the Italian Red Cross.

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Newsletter: July & August


a Cena celebrates the summer with Carciofi and Tomatoes.

From Chef Gabe’s recipe book is Peperoni alla Griglia: Grilled Peppers. Very easy to do, and they add immeasurably to a cookout or picnic. What’s more, if you make a big batch, you can enjoy them for several days.

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Newsletter: Spring 2016 Blast

Spring Vegetables

Portland spring is in full mode. This short newsletter blast brings you five recipes from Chef’s Recipe Book, that will satisfy your palate whether during warms days or the cool evenings.

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Newsletter: May & June

Spring Vegetables

During May and June, a Cena Ristorante is celebrating Spring and an essence of Italian Cuisine—Spring Vegetables.

We have not forgotten the Spring Lamb.

On Gabe’s favorite vegetables list: a Cena is celebrating two products from the Italian Cuisine that are both delicious and intriguing—the artichoke and the porcini mushroom. Both are also abundant now in America and are translated by Chef Gabreski for a Cena Ristorante…

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Newsletter: April

Lamb and Spring Vegetables

During April, a Cena Ristorante is celebrating Spring and some of the essences of Italian Cuisine. Lamb and Primavera. Chef Gabreski’s recipe for Braised Lamb Shoulder . a Cena Ristorante is proud to support the free Italian Film Festival…

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Newsletter: February

During February we are celebrating the cuisine of Piedmont 2016. a Cena wishes to celebrate this Northern Italian region by presenting Chef Gabe Gabreski’s familial and recent recipes.

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Newsletter: January

During January we are celebrating some of Chef Gabreski’s favorite recipes. Most of Italy’s regional food is famous for recipes handed down for generations. Augmented with these traditional recipes is the country’s pursuit of modern and global variations. Chef Gabe is known for rich dishes that are simultaneously rustic and familial. Please come and enjoy this experience at a Cena.

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