During March we are celebrating the cuisine of Northern Italy with the regions of Aosta Valley and Lombardy.

Valle d’Aosta
The Valle d’Aosta region is a mountainous mix of cheese, butter and hearty stews. The staple carb is the cornmeal porridge polenta, traditionally cooked in an iron cauldron. Paired with beef stewed in wine, a carbonara, it meets the calorific demands of a day on the ski slopes or mountain trails.

Lombardy Italy’s leading industrial region, as well as its most populous, Rice and corn thrive in the northern climate, resulting in a rich repertoire of risottos and polentas. Veal, beef, butter, and cow’s milk cheeses appear at nearly every meal, and sweetwater fish caught in Lombardy’s many lakes.

Chef Gabe enhances these grains, fish and meat with many recipes of his that are both traditional and familiar. Come and join us at a Cena for this celebration of the Northern Regions.

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Come join us for Lunch-Antipasti, pizzas and salads as well as some of our favorite dinner classics make for either a quick or leisurely experience.

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